Welcome to Kill El Roy Travels

We are a travel agency dedicated to serving the needs of the idle middle class during their turbulent years, when the search for self reaches a fevered pitch and distractions are hard to find.

We combine the thrill-seeking mentality of the 1990's Gen-Xer with the destructive and violent faux-anarchist politics of the disillusioned 1970's First World revolutionary.

"It's like a bungee jump with a point to it."

Kill El Roy will transport you to all the newest riot hotspots in Europe and North America as soon as they develop. No expense will be spared in our effort to make each safari a memorable,  exhilarating and luxurious affair.

All you need are your leisure clothes, a violent streak
(we all have it...) and a keen sense of adventure.

We supply the rest:

  • Black hooded sweatshirts
  • Projectiles
  • Safari guides
  • Luxurious accommodations
  • After-riot entertainment
  • Legal help (if necessary)
  • A personalized souvenir kit

So, if you feel the onslaught of ennui,please contact us as soon as possible. Boredom kills!

Win an autehentic paving stone from Helsinki. This is a perfect projectile to alleviate any feelings of inadequacy. Just imagine yourself dressed in the appropriate gear, giving the pigs the finger and menacing a multi-national display window.Sexy!

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